We have Four Fundamental Membrane Research Areas:

Membrane Materials

We develop novel advanced materials with unique surface properties or a wide range of membrane applications.

Membrane Characterization

We have a complete range of equipment for membrane surface characterization as well as developing new techniques to quantify membrane structure, properties, function and durability.

Membrane Formation

We develop novel tailored membrane structures, including mixed matrix structures, for advanced applications.

Membrane Performance

We develop new membrane based separation process for challenging separations.

Our research infrastructure and expertise enable us to conduct research in numerous areas.

Novel Membranes

  • Adsoprtive and destructive barrier membranes
  • Smart sensors
  • Smart membranes for protection and controlled release of food additives
  • Liquid crystal membrane materials membranes for advanced fuel cells
  • Perflorinated ionomer membranes fuel cells

Aqueous Separations including Water Treatment Applications

  • Direct potable reuse of wastewater
  • Produced water recovery form oil and gas manufacturing operations
  • Ammonia removal from wastewater streams
  • Suppression of biofouling
  • Membrane distillation and forward osmosis for water recovery

Membrane Structure, Performance and Fouling

  • Multiscale modeling of membrane formation processes
  • Nanoscale imaging and quantifying membrane properties at nanoscale
  • 3D nanoparticle tracking
  • New real-time methodology for detection of membrane fouling
  • Nano-pattered membranes

Pharmaceutical Separations and Bioseparations

  • Platform technologies for bioseparatoins
  • Virus filtration
  • Membrane absorbers
  • Bioreactor harvesting (Microfiltration)