Benefits of Sponsorship

The MAST Center develops proprietary information and rapidly transfers that information to our sponsors for their use in product development and problem solving.

The research center is sponsor-directed, and the board of sponsor representatives, known as the Industrial Advisory Board, selects and monitors the center’s research activities and intellectual property assets.

Top Talent

MAST Center projects attract the very best students. Students are highly trained upon graduation and eager to continue in their careers through exposure to member organizations.

​​Sponsors gain access to faculty, students and facilities through the Center research program.

Valuable Membership

MAST Center membership currently costs $60,000.00 per year which is renewable yearly thereafter. ​​

​​Sponsors are entitled to non-exclusive royalty-free licenses on intellectual property developed during the period of sponsorship. Exclusivity of licenses can be negotiated.

​Center Sponsors have access to all Center project results for the annual fee. At the New Jersey Institute of Technology, the University of Colorado, University of Arkansas, Penn State University, and other affiliated Universities, sponsors will have access to researchers and their project results.

Growth Opportunities

Participation in the MAST Center semi-annual meetings exposes sponsors to new ideas and fosters interaction among members, faculty and student researchers.

​Center Directors visit Sponsor sites on a regular basis to provide timely information on the Center research program. At Sponsor request, Center Directors can also provide a membrane short course at Sponsor sites.

Become a Sponsor