Welcome to MAST

Our goal at MAST is to provide effective solutions to real industrial problems through cutting edge academic research in the area of membrane science, engineering and technology.

The Center’s fundamental and applied research has led to major advancements in materials and processes in the following areas:

  • Energy Production
  • Water Treatment
  • Pharmaceutical Purification
  • Chemical Processing
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“Although Sandia is a new sponsor, we see many benefits of membership in MAST after just our first meeting. Foremost in our minds is connection with outstanding graduate students working on relevant topics in chemistry and mechanics of membranes. Not to be overshadowed, we also value the connections with talented faculty, researchers, and fellow IAB members, and connectivity to the cutting edge in membrane R&D. The unique subject matter combined with an industry-driven influence for research combined with sustained investment in academic research programs provides a strong platform for scientific advances. If stewardship of center research continues to support that academic environment, the return on our investment seems destined to be significant.”
John Emery
Sandia National Laboratories
“W.L. Gore & Associates, Inc. is a maker of innovative, best-in-class products, which improve daily life. For a company that invests significantly in R&D to assure our products’ performance and fitness for use, the MAST Center is a valuable resource and an excellent partner. “
Dr. Uwe Beuscher
W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.
“The value that the MAST membership provides for DTRA is leveraged funding on research in membrane science and engineering with industry and other government agencies.”
Tracee Whitfield
Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)

What We Do

Membrane – We are a global leader in membrane research.​​

Science – Excellence in science is fundamental to our successful research.

Engineering – Our research program is cutting edge and applicable to industrial needs.

Technology – We provide timely and relevant technology transfer to our sponsors.

What MAST Can Do for You

Our goal at MAST is to provide effective solutions designed to give you access to cutting edge research in the area of membrane science, engineering and technology.


Projects are focused in 4 fundamental areas:​

  • Membrane Materials
  • Membrane Characterization
  • Membrane Formation
  • Membrane Performance